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Spruce up a room with a little shimmy n’ shake courtesy of one of our favorite accoutrements: tassel! Whether it’s a simple new chair in need of a boost or a flea market find that could use some love, adding a subtle pop of color will always do the trick. Add to that the movement and flair of colorful fringe and you’ve got yourself a reason to stand up, er, sit down and shout! This easy addition is also a great way to pull out a key color from other areas of the room and thoughtfully tie things together. In our case, we chose bright pink to accent the dreamily artistic bird wallpaper by our friends at Voutsa.

To create: Measure around the outside edge on the bottom of the chair. Use scissors to cut the four pieces of tassel trim and grosgrain ribbon, to size. Pre-hand-wash trim to ensure dye binds properly. Wearing gloves, mix two bottles of fabric dye by adding water and shaking. Pour contents into a basin and soak pre-cut fringe trim. Hang trim and leave overnight to dry completely. Use a staple gun to adhere trim to the outer edge on the bottom of the chair. Finish the chair off by glueing grosgrain ribbon above the fringe trim. 
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